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Proof of Life is entering its 16th year of business success.



Studies prove that in order to maintain the strongest link with your customers it is necessary to keep your name in front of them repeatedly over a long period of time. Furthermore, studies prove it takes up to 6 times of seeing/hearing an advertisement before a new customer will visit your business.

69% of newspaper advertisers report little to no noticeable results from display advertising (ads larger than1" x 1"). 77% of business-owners report advertising in television and radio with NO noticeable results with an average expense of $1,300.00/month.

"We have tried newspaper, radio, TV and even billboard advertising. We have found that Proof of Life brought more results than all of these methods combined - and at a tenth of the cost!".
-Sue, Professional Opticians, Lewistown

According to Newsweek Media Magazine, 48% of television viewers leave the room when commercials come on. Of the viewers who remain, 82% are 'inattentive'.

76% of readers claimed to remember advertising on menus or placemats, compared to only 64% of newspaper readers who claimed to have 'skimmed the ads'. 

"We see the newspaper every day, but once you see these menus you never forget them."

89% of the customers who dine out at restaurants report an annual income of $35,000/year or higher. Menu and placemat advertising features your business in front of 10,000 of these people per month - for $1.52/day!

"We’ve been advertising on menus and placemats with Proof of Life for several years. We love knowing that our ad is being seen by people with fair to middle incomes, since those are usually the ones who can afford to dine out at restaurants. This is exactly the type of audience to whom we want to advertise!"
-Just Ask Rental, Jersey Shore

72% of Proof of Life advertisers RENEW their ads month after month because of successful results. Once in, Menu Master advertisers have the ‘right of first refusal’ to renew.

"I told the people at Proof of Life to give me a permanent spot on the Spring House placemats after seeing the initial results. Now I don’t have to worry about renewing every 3 months because my space is reserved!"
-Decker’s Garage, Roaring Spring

Need to increase sales at your stores? Could you use some refreshing new strategies for advertising? Here is an opportunity to increase your profits that is not only creative, it's AFFORDABLE! Menu and placemat advertising is called 'Specialty Advertising'...and it works! First Proof of Life's graphics professionals will design your business card with any changes to it that you wish. But since it's critical that your business also be targeted to the right audience, Proof of Life will also help you in selling your product and services to the RIGHT customers! We offer a variety of products in addition to our incredibly popular restaurant menus and placemats. For example, you can promote your business on thousands of site maps that are distributed to customers at your local motels. Each map features numbers on it that correspond to the numbers on the advertisers around it, so that it plots each advertisers location! These site maps also feature the pictures of Missing Children in support of the National Center For Missing Children.

If you prefer you can increase your company's profits by advertising on 'American Family Contest' flyers, distributed into each customer's grocery bag at your local supermarket! These popular flyers feature a word search game to find the advertisers on the flyer for a chance to win a $50 grocery store shopping spree!

Proof of Life also offers career and job opportunities, from salaried in-house employment at our home office to work-from-home jobs as Independent Contractors. Starting wages are competitive and training is provided. Call us today for more information: 1-888-359-MENU.

Ever thought of owning your OWN franchise? Becoming your OWN boss?
We are expanding rapidly and are seeking hard working individuals ready to create a successful career for themselves!
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